About Us

Hi there! Welcome and thanks for coming to the "Learn About Us" page, appreciate you!  My my name is Sameya and this is my family.  Like many, everything I do is with them in mind.  Most importantly, the products I put in my home need to be safe for my loved ones, furry ones included!  This leads me to my next point...
Let me tell you why I hate candles.  I said what I said.  Sadly they aren't made for our health.  I will tell you how they are made though, make sure you're sitting down!  The fragrances we enjoy wafting through our homes are typically synthetic and when burned they releases a multitude of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) like formaldehyde for instance, into the air.  Probably the most alarming thing about these synthetic fragrances are the use of phthalates. This is a manmade chemical that is used in almost anything you can think of.  They make plastics more flexible, they make nail polish more chip resistant and they make candles carry a stronger scent, which would make them responsible for the headaches people tend to get with candles. If you thought that was all, it's not please stay seated!  Phthalates act as endocrine disruptors.  This means they disrupt your body's natural hormone production by mimicking hormones themselves causing mass confusion for your body.  When you burn your candle you send these littler chaos inducing jerks into the air where they can be both inhaled or absorbed through your skin.  Is anyone else grossed out?
Then there is the wax... oh the wax!  It is common to use paraffin wax which is a petroleum waste product that is also bleached to make a creamier color wax.  This creates highly toxic carcinogens when burned which is known to be as harmful as second hand smoke.
Traditional cotton wicks have a lead core.  So what happens when you light the candle?  You burn heavy metals into the air.  Yikes! What is there to like about candles?!
Something had to be done!  I missed the soft glow of a candle while I enjoyed a book or a cup of coffee.  Enter The Picky Wick where we don't allow any non-scents!  Take that in... appreciate that play on words would you?  We are picky about our ingredients and what goes into people's homes so only 100% soy wax is used which is a vegetable based wax and burns clean with no worrisome chemicals.  The fragrances are high quality and use essential oils.  The wicks are wood made from FSC certified wood and it gives a soothing crackle as it burns.  I make them in small batches and usually made to order!  There are no carcinogens, no mutagens, no reproductive toxins, no heavy metals.  Just a clean candle with a fragrant but not overpowering scent.  Everyone deserves to buy a product with their hard earned money that doesn't poison them!  Seems like a fair trade right?
While we are very proud of the standards and the product we have, it is our mission to continue to seek and do better.  I am so glad you found us and I hope you enjoy these little guys as much as I enjoy making them - from my home to yours!